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Vrchní sládek Vladimír Černohorský - degustaceDear Stephen and Lucy!

I didn’t write my contribution for the new www page in the form of a short article with often used and known details about the production process and other nonsense. Take from it whatever you find useful. You already have a detailed description of all our beer types from the past…


(extracted from the letter of Únětice Brewery maltster Ing. Vladimír Černohorský to husband and wife Tkadlec)

„Contribution for Únětice Brewery’s New Web Page“

Undisputable and often criticized decline in quality of groceries, make the production of “liquid bread” (as the Czechs say) shine even in the smallest breweries. Among those belongs even ÚNĚTICE BREWERY

Successful operation of the brewery proved, how important it is to choose first-rate ingredients and their processing according to traditional recipe by brewery experts with a lot of experience. Last but not least, stands the latest technologies of Únětice Brewery, which enable us a completely controlled production process, its variability and abidance of the hygiene rules necessary for making a quality beverage.

The main programme remains (is) Únětice 10° and Únětice 12° beers. ÚNĚTICE 10° continues the tradition of Czech 10° beer, favored in the past. Two kinds of hop plant and žatecký poloraný červeňák are added to it. The supplier of the basic ingredient – highest quality malt, is the czech malthouse, where skillfully handcrafted so called “shovel malt” is produced. Únětice 10° is a lighter beer with less alcohol and residual extract. Distinctive bitterness with pleasant ripening ensures excellent taste even in larger amounts. It is suitable for an all-night get-together.

ÚNĚTICE 12° is both by share of ingredients and their quality identical to it’s smaller sibling. Production process in the boiling house ensures higher fullness and prerequisite for a rich and long-lasting foam of the final product. Controlled main fermentation, end-fermentation and ripening ensures both beer’s “malt body” and a higher alcohol volume. Characteristic is a strong femented scent and golden color with leaven turbidity.

Únětice Brewery sticks to its resolution to produce a third beer type in quarterly intervals. Up until now, there had been these SPECIALS: Christmas half-brown special 13°, Carnival black 11° and Kermesse rye beer. These are produced in limited quantity and only for certain opportunities. Concerning the ingredients, there are more special malt types used, mostly from Czech and Bavarian malthouses. As a result, these beers have a completely different taste, scent and color.

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