Awards of Czech and Moravian Brewery Academy

On the 6th of April we recieved two awards of Czech and Moravian Brewery Academy in the main hall of Valdštejn palace in the residence of the Czech Senate in these categories:

Brewery restaurant
Brewery with production in the range from 10,000 hl to 20,000 hl

We very much appreciate these awards and are thankful to the academy.

Next, we attached a gratulation for a lifelong contribution to czech breweries to Mr. Jiří Plevka from Chodov Planá Brewery, Prof. Pavel Dostálek from VŠCHT and Michal Černý from Pivo Praha.

”Czech and Moravian Brewery Academy showed clear respect towards the unique tradition of Czech beer by it’s voting. Among the winners of categories with various production rates, we are almost without exception able to find only names or places, to which professional pride always was and is the difficult style of Czech lager.”

God bless!