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The First Beer Was Brewed in the 16th Century

About Brewey

The first reliable mention of beer being brewed in the town of Únětice is from the year 1557. In old chronicles it is written: “Back then, good beer was brewed by the canons in Únětice.”

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The Brewery Diary

The Brewery Diary – Únětice Brewery

On the 6th of April we recieved two awards of Czech and Moravian Brewery Academy in the main hall of […]

Sládkův deník Únětice

About our beer

From the letter of Únětice Brewery maltster Ing. Vladimír Černohorský to husband and wife Tkadlec.

About beer

“I didn’t write my contribution for the new www page in the form of a short article with often used and known details about the production process and other nonsense. Take from it whatever you find useful. You already have a detailed description of all our beer types from the past…”

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Events in brewery

It is possible to organise a company or private event on order according to your wishes. Places that can be used: the Brewery Restaurant, the Brewery Barn and the Brewery Petanque.

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Tours of the brewery

Regular tours of the brewery take place every Saturday and Sunday. The tour begins at 12 o’clock in the brewery taproom, maximum capacity is 20 visitors per group.

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Petanque in brewery

In the attic of the brewery, a former storage of barley, which was transformed to malt for beer brewing during the winter, we built an indoor playing field UBULODROM for pétanque. The field offers three lanes and facilities with a beer tap for refreshment during the game as well. It is the largest péntaque field located in a brewery in the world!

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Unetice Ounce

Unetice OunceIn today’s uncertain age, Únětice Brewery offers a permanent solution in the form of a stable currency based on beer index. This guarantees that your beer won’t rise in price anymore, regardless of inflation. It can work as a form of retirement insurance too!

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Brewery Restaurant

Restaurace Únetický pivovar

In the brewery restaurant, located in an area of former malting barn we are offering suitable meals and Únětice beer right from the tank. The capacity of the tavern is approximately 100 seats with the addition of another 65 at outdoors.

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Chef’s Diary


In December, we became a certified restaurant of the project good venison. For the customer, this means that the meat […]

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The Craft Beer Channel

Uneticky Pivovar: world class open-fermented lagers