Certificate good venison

In December, we became a certified restaurant of the project good venison.

For the customer, this means that the meat was chosen with care from caught individuals and under strict hygienic terms and prepared in a modern enterprise. Every piece of meat undergoes many quality controls. The meat is checked two times by an official veterinary doctor and samples of the meat pass laboratory tests. We can not afford to buy and prepare any other meat, because the meat that does not pass these tests can be the cause of many severe diseases like trichinosis, brucellosis and tularaemia.

Venison meat is exceptionally healthy

Which can be a better and a healthier meat, than the meat of an animal living out in the wild, that spends all its life in the woods? Wild animals eat mostly plants and do not consume artificially prepared feed. It also lives actively.

The composition of venison is hugely benefiting to the human body. Meat of wild animals contains finer muscle fiber than the meat from slaughterhouse animals and we can also find a lower level of ligament, which has a positive influence on the digestion of the meat. Its composition also has low fat content, which is also benefiting, because, it contains less cholesterol. In the meat, we can find a high level of essential amino-acids, which the human body is unable to prepare by itself. Also, a higher share of unsaturated fats like omega-3 and omega-6 have a positive effect on the human nervous system and the circulatory system.

For this reason we make a weekend special offer comprised from venison every month and we include venison in our daily menu.

We are very much looking forward to your visit and wish you a good appetite