Company or Private Event

It is possible to organise a company or private event on order according to your wishes. Places that can be used:


Our restaurant is directly integrated into the original technological area of the brewery from the beginning of the 18th century. Earlier there was a malting room, where barley germinated during the production of malt. A part of this is a lounge bar for up to 100 people. A sound system and projector is also integrated into the lounge bar. The outside allotment is a part of the brewery courtyard, where daily brewery activity takes place.


There is a bar with basic facilities for preparation of simple meals served with beer. The barn is better for the accommodation of less formal events such as birthday parties, theatres, acoustic concerts etc. It is also partly heated by a fireplace and gas heaters.


In the attic of brewery, where the malting barley was originally stored for the winter, when the malt for beer brewing was made, we have built an indoor pitch UBULODROM for playing pétanque. The pitch contains three tracks and an important part of it also is a beer faucet for refreshment during the game. It is possible to play pétanque on a professional level within the UBULEAGUE or just for fun as a tournament for company teams, with friends or children.


We will be pleased to discuss the offered possibilities for organising your event. Please, contact us on the telephone 220 515 687, email or personally at the brewery restaurant.

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