Friends of Únětice Brewery

Friends of Únětice Brewery is an independent group expressing their support for the Únětice Brewery. The way and amount of support is completely individual and there are no boundaries. According to modern science, there does not exist a friendship between a man and a woman but, on the contrary, there can exist a friendship between a brewery and a man or a woman without any side intentions. Inspirational and critical comments from friends are very important for our brewery.

Responsibilities and Rights of the Friends of Únětice Brewery



Every friend is regularly informed about the news and events of the Únětice Brewery. The brewery is grateful for its good friends and, therefore, it (ir)regularly rewards them with thanks, a wish of a great day and more, even material prizes!

How to Become a Friend of Únětice Brewery

Everyone who registers here or leaves his contact information on the Únětice brewery restaurant bar with an individual friendship request can become a friend. After registration, every friend receives a badge and a sticker as a confirmation of our friendship. Leaving an email means giving permission to receiving the most important information.

We are looking forward to our friendship

Registration to the Club of Friends of Únětice Brewery

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