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Important Information

Ordering of barreled beer: on the business day prior to collection, or until 10:00 the day of collection.

Collecting your beer barrel(s): on work days from 8:00 to 17:00 at the brewery and after 17:00 at the Brewery restaurant.

Beer delivery: only for our regular customers on the basis of an agreement.

Barrels of beer can only be paid in cash.

Wholesale Beer

Order Beer

Phone: 702 065 920 – may be sent by SMS (please don’t foget to include: your name, type and packaging of the beer and date of pickup).


Customer Contact

Štěpán Tkadlec
e-mail: stepan.tkadlec@unetickypivovar.cz
tel: 602 22 47 11

Lucie Tkadlecová
e-mail: lucie.tkadlecova@unetickypivovar.cz
tel: 602 341 447

Products Offered

Únětice 10° – in a barrel 50 l, 30 l, or in a 1.5 l bottle

Únětice 12° – in a barrel 50 l, 30 l, or in a 1.5 l bottle, or in a 2 l glass bottle (refillable)

Únětice Special – in a barrel 50 l, 30 l, or in a 1.5 l bottle, or in a 2 l glass bottle. The Special offered is limited and available only during events such as the Carnival, Celebrating the reopening of the brewery, Feasts, Christmas etc. throughout the year .. The Special is brewed usually 4 times a year.

Beer Offered in Plastic and Glass Bottles

You can buy beer in glass bottles in the Únětice restaurant during the opening hours.
Únětice beer is also available in the following businesses:
Pivní galerie – Basecamp, U studánky 27, Praha-Bubeneč, www.pifko.info
Decentní Dýně – Italská 32, Praha 2 http://dcdyne.com/uneticky-obchod/

Únětice Ounce

Únětice OunceFor every single Únětice Ounce you can get 0.5 l of Únětice beer everywhere, where it is tapped and this payment method is accepted. You can buy this minted copper coin for the current price of 0.5l Únětice 12° beer in the Únětice Brewery.

More about the Únětice Ounce