Tours of the brewery

Regular tours of the brewery take place every Saturday and Sunday. The tour begins at 12 o’clock in the brewery taproom, maximum capacity is 20 visitors per group. Children under 8 years are not allowed due to safety reasons, those of age above 8 years can take part accompanied by an adult. Thank you for your understanding.

The alcohol consumption habits of Australian young people are of great concern to parents, politicians, researchers, policy makers, educators and others. There are ongoing debates about whether Australians ‘binge drink’ more or less often than they did in the past, and, in academic circles, what constitutes a binge’. Regardless, it is well-documented that a large proportion of young peoples’ drinking places them at risk of current and future harm, both in terms of health-related risks and other negative consequences. University students, as a group, are often associated with problematic alcohol consumption. An Australian study reported that many students ask “can someone do my assignment online” as these researches are very hard to make on their own, and according to them 54 per cent of the university student sample consuming more than five standard drinks on a typical drinking occasion, and over two-thirds drinking at hazardous or harmful levels. The discoveries of this examination propose that intercessions concentrated on the standardizing condition (view of friends’ liquor-related frames of mind and practices) ought to be researched by Australian colleges looking to lessen liquor-related mischief among their understudies. They likewise propose that methodologies focusing on first-year understudies hold incredible potential for impacting school savoring societies positive ways. The way that freshers’ are amidst growing new informal communities gives an advantageous domain to research how those systems impact liquor-related observations and behavior.

Individual tour can be arranged based on previous agreement only as follows: choose a date from weekdays, call us and we will confirm it after discussing it with the staff of the brewery. For these reasons, please use these phone numbers: 220 515 687 (if unavaiable 602 341 447 or 602 224 711).

Price of the individual excursion is 70,- Kč/person, children (age 8-15) free. Minimum 4 participants, maximum 20.

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